A Grosse Pointe Yacht Club Foundation
Grosse Pointe Youth Nautical Education Foundation


The acting Committee that ensures the YNEF mission is achieved is a dedicated group of Past-Commodore’s and junior sailing enthusiasts called the Yachtsmen’s Committee. This volunteer Committee has existed for over 32 years dedicated to providing opportunities for financial assistance, training and competitive sailing events for young people. The YC organizes and promotes the Great Lakes Boating Festival and the Summer Breeze Fundraiser for the YNEF. Money raised by the Yachtsman’s Committee is directed to support the GPYC Junior Sailing program and provide donations to the GPYNEF to meet their annual goals.

In total since 1988, the Yachtsman’s Committee has raised over $5,000,000 in gross funds to support junior sailing. For more information contact
Jim Morrow:  jjmorrow4@comcast.net
Sloane Barbour:  sloanebarbour@yahoo.com
Ilja Vreeken: i.vreeken@tribus-llc.com


  • Past Commodore Sloane Barbour
  • Past Commodore John Dewald
  • Past Commodore Ted Huebner
  • Past Commodore Jim Morrow
  • Past Commodore Mark Weber
  • Pete Beauregard
  • Dr. Gary Bill
  • Patrick Connelly
  • Wally Cross
  • Jason Geisz
  • Past Commodore Gary Gonzalez
  • Tim Groustra
  • Joe Haney
  • Commodore Gary Marowske
  • Tim Mullins
  • Joe Schaden
  • Past Commodore Sean Schotthoefer
  • Dr. John Seago
  • Chris Sheeren
  • Glenn Sheets
  • Steve Simmons
  • Bill Turner
  • Mike Tusa
  • William Vogel, III
  • Past Commodore Ilja Vreeken